Myth about the super food sattu

Myth about the super food!

For those who have been acquainted with the concept of Sattu, they must have heard "Thand me Sattu Pi rhe ho?" or "Sattu is for summers no?

Well, let us help you understand why this a myth not a reality.

First thing first, What is Sattu? 

One of the most indigenous Protein sources of India, Sattu is roasted gram powder, made by dry roasting gram, primarily Bengal gram in the sand and then pounding this roasting gram into a powder. 

Why is it Unique

It is surprising to know that its prepping process does no harm to gram's original properties, rather keeps the nutritional values in place. Plus, it is high on insoluble fiber which makes it great for your intestine.

Why consuming Sattu in winter is a pure myth?

Sattu is popularly consumed in forms of parathas during the chilly winters of India. If you travel to Bihar and UP during the winter, you are sure to be captivated by the aroma of  "litti chokha" & "Sattu ka Paratha". It is said that consuming Sattu ka Paratha during winter keeps the body warm and fulfills its requirement of Protein. 

Tips to consume Sattuz in Winter

With a dash of turmeric in Warm Milk 

Yes, you heard it right. The best way to stay healthy and keep winter illness at Bay is by having a glass full of Sattuz with a dash of turmeric every night before bed. 

Well we call it a delicious dose of energy and fun.

Indulge into a warm Choco affair

To get the most out of Sattuz, you must play a little differently. Instead of adding chilled water, make your glass of fun filled Chocolate Sattuz in lukewarm water. Add a dash of crushed nuts, and you are sorted. 

Now, when you hear someone say that Sattu is not for winters, all you need to do is serve him a glass of Sattuz!



Sunil Kumar Singh

Dear Sachin ji,

It is really a nice blog on sattuz.


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Thanks for your information about taking Sattu in winter season.
Now I have no doubts please

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