5 Resolutions that are believably- "keepable".
Every year around this time, we often get mesmerised by the idea of bringing radical changes in our lives.However, after a week, we often realise that those changes that we popularly call resolutions, are too unrealistic to follow.
This new year let's take resolutions that are good to start with and great to keep up with. After all, these resolutions are to make our lives better and add health and happiness in our daily routine!
Let's start? 
Drink Water every quarter
Yes, you heard it right. Water is the key. We often neglect the importance of drinking 2 litres of water every day. No one is alien to the fact that around 60 percent of the body is made up of water, and out blood is 90 percent water- so,  the more you drink water, the better your body becomes. 
1.Carry a small water bottle everywhere you go.
2.Take water breaks every now and then.
3. Make lemonade, Sattuz and Coconut water your 4 pm friend.
4. Start your day with a glass of lemon water.
One Two Three- Get on the Greens!
Well. We are not asking you to eat just greens all the times but promise yourself that everyday, one of your meals will have fruits and veggies. You know, balancing is the key- right!
1. Add drumsticks in your Dal.
2. Making omelette, how about adding finely chopped spinach?
3. Replace your evening snacks with peanuts- Let's go nuts.
4. Add salad to your every meal.- Salad in the morning, Salad in the evening, salad when the sun goes down!
Read- Learn and Lead!
Not just food for living, you need food for thinking and growing- and that food is called "A page of motivation". Pick up a book and read atleast 5 pages everyday. If you travel to work, read while in the train or the metro. Read while on bed, just read.
1. Make a five page rule- Finish those five pages before you are off to sleep.
2. Read what you like- Fiction, Non fiction or Poem, just read.
3. If new to reading, start with a children book.
4. Make note of things that you liked in the book you are reading- Trust us, you are creating a treasure for yourself.
Stairs- That's good and fair!
We often underestimate the power of taking small steps and making big difference. Now, replacing the use of lifts and escalators with stairs could be such a great thing to do, and ofcourse it would add health values in your day to day life. Start with this, and keep addition more "technical" excercises in your routine. 
1.Office at 9th floor? Take lift until 5th floor, now Stair the rest up!
2. Going on metro, why take escalator, when taking stares can burn a couple of calories? 
3. Start with a friend, stairs- up together for a week.
4. Treat yourself with a Protien bar for the good job done!
Volunteer- Do your bit of good!
You don't have to do it everyday, but doing it once in a while too can make a difference. Didn't get us? Well, on weekends, go for a cleaniness drive, or teach at a local school on Saturdays. Maybe, go on a plantation drive on a Sunday morning. Organise a fun event at a local orphanage on a special day. But remember, before you start changing the outside world, make sure to bring those changes in your house too.
1. Use less plastic at home- Go for soaps instead of body wash
2. Buy a steel straw and carry it with you always. 
3. Become a weekend teacher for poor kids.
4.Pick up wrappers lying on the road- Put them in the dustbin.
With these easy to keep resolutions, notice a remarkable difference in your life, and once you conquer these, we will help you with more.  Happy 2020. Healthy 2020.

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