About Us

With the idea to make a difference, we envisioned Gorural Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. A company that didn't think of turnovers at the first place. A company that aims at spreading care, love and health. At Gorural, we believe that roots matter, and to go far and beyond in life, roots are important. We come from the school of thought that is about tradition, values and goodness. With little steps today, we will spread smiles and happiness today, tomorrow and forever.

About Sattuz!
Sattuz is an idea of care, an idea of happiness. In the journey of keeping in touch with our roots, tradition and goodness, Sattuz is our first step. As we said, Sattuz to us is an expression of care, an expression of good spirit.  An expression of love. More than a product, it is an emotion. We believe that, with a glass of Sattuz and little determination, you can do all that you wish to do. While you begin, don't forget to pass on the secret to those who matter to you. 
Mission and Vision
To preserve the heritage of rural India, and take the goodness of "Gaon" to "Shehar"
To add value and goodness into people's everyday.
To make health a fun and easy affair, by adding the goodness of superfood.
To make a difference in people's life by doing our bit of good.
From Sattu to Sattuz
A traditional Indian drink that has the goodness of plant based nutrition, is the main ingredient of Sattuz. Once the best quality Sattu Powder is curated, we craft it better, we add little love, and essentials,  making it a handy and hygienic care drink for you. 
All you need to do is, make a glass of Sattuz, and you are ready to rock!
At Sattuz, we believe that there is a rebel, a dreamer, a true friend,  a child, an experimentalist... in all of us. Be anything you like. Just remember, what matters is you and your care. Be it for you or for your loved ones. 
Company Name : Gorural Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Kumar Enclave, Near Suri High School, Madhubani, Bihar - 847211
Contact Number : +91-8877005678