Set of 6 Chocolate Sattuz Family Pack

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  • Non-Carbonated 
  • Good Protein
  • Zero-Caffeine
  • Instant Energy
  • Vegetarian
  • Add ice to cool your summers.
  • Helps in Digestion

A child loves fun and taste.

A mother knows best how to add health along with it.

Chocolate flavour Sattuz is the best companion for every mother.

Sattu based desi superfood sattuz in chocolate flavour. 

Each family packs contains 6 Sachets.

Total number of sachets in set of 6 family packs are 36.

Each sachet is of 30gm. Each family pack is (30x6)gm =180gm. 




Chocolate Flavour Sattuz : Sattu (mainly made from chana), Chocolate powder and Sugar

Nutritional (Approx.) per /100 gm (Chocolate) per /30 gm (Chocolate)
Protein 14.95 4.485
Energy 409.7 122.91
Fat 4.3 1.29
Carbohydrate 77.8 23.34
Sugar 48.36 14.508